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Rear Extension

Changes in law mean that some house owners are allowed to build larger single-storey rear extensions – up to eight metres back for detached houses, and six metres back for all other houses. We are here to give you efficient direction from design, planning permission, building regulations, and cost-effective management from expression of interest until construction.

Normally, a rear extension refers to a ground floor extension at the back of the property, commonly known as a house extension. A rear extension is one of the most common way of extending your house/property and achieving your required bespoke space.

Rear extensions are usually allowed up to three meters back without planning permission. In accordance with planning policy introduced in May 2013 – commonly known as Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Larger Home Extension – homeowners are allowed to extend the house from four to eight meters. Further information regarding Prior Approval is available on .…read more

A rear extension you can achieve an additional bedroom or lounge with study and shower toilet. If you want to build such extension, our responsibility is to ensure that through design we utilise all space, minimise circulation or dead space, and provide all necessary information.

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