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Mansard Roof Extension

A mansard roof extension is an additional storey on top of your existing house/property. There are a number of advantages to extending your property to achieve your required bespoke space. It can give you a spacious master bedroom with en-suite or study. Mansard roof extensions are particularly common on domestic properties in Central London and suburban areas of the Greater London. Some office buildings can also benefit from mansard roof extensions. The mansard roof extension is possible on Victorian or Georgian properties.

Mansard roofs are the most common way of achieving an additional one or two bedrooms in your house. Larger mansard roofs can achieve three additional bedrooms OR one self-contained flat. That’s a lot of additional space in your existing house.

In terms of aesthetics, our team of architects and designers provide innovative strategies and solutions that fit to your property. We provide services and consultancy from start to finish for this type of roof extension.


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