extension basement loft conversion in clapham

2 New Build Flats with Extension, Basement & Loft Conversion Clapham

Flat Conversion, Loft Conversion, New Build, Residential, Englewood Road, Clapham, London, SW12 9PB

2 New Build 2 Bedroom Flats with Extension, Basement & Loft Conversion Clapham, London

2 New Build 2 Bedroom Flats with Extension Basement & Loft Conversion in Clapham. Existing Ground Floor Flat Enlargement from 1 to 2 Bedroom Flat by Ground Floor Rear Extension. Basement Extension with 2 Bedroom Flat and Loft Conversion with 1 Bedroom Flat.

This existing Victorian house is converted into 2 flats since 1997. We have extended the ground floor flat from one bed to two bedroom by doing ground floor rear extension as well as have designed two additional flats in this Victorian property by doing loft conversion and basement conversion.

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