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Architecture Services Epping, Planning Permission Epping

Architecture Services Epping, Planning Permission Epping

Aa studio provides its architectural design and planning consultant services from its highly qualified in-house team of architectural designers and consultants. We are a multi-disciplinary and organizations with diverse practices who has specialized in Architecture Design, Urban Design, Planning Permission, Building Regulations, and Project Management. We provide the best possible Architecture Design, Planning Permission and Building control services in the Epping area. Whether you want a House Extension, Rear Extension, Side Extension, Dormer Extension, Loft Conversion or Flats Conversion you should always think of consulting with an architect. Our Planning consultants have extensive knowledge on Planning permission and building regulations who are here to help you with their expertise and help you determine what is achievable and what is not for your property. Our designer and consultants take the entire perspective of the project very seriously and take care of each area and policies that planning cover and provide you with the most helpful and friendly services throughout the process.

Architecture Services Epping

With years of experience, we can provide you with successful planning applications. Our planning consultancy services include:

  • Planning Permission Drawings
  • Building Control/Regulation Drawings
  • House Extension
  • Rear Extension
  • Side Extension
  • Double Story Extension
  • Loft Conversion
  • Dormer Extension
  • House Conversion into Flats
  • Flats Conversion

We are trained to make the best of the space and experienced and skilled enough to handle all the complications of the planning process for you. We make the planning process easy for you by giving you the right advice, support, and documentation required throughout the planning process. As approval for your planning permissions, the rules and regulations are passed by the local council and we have a strong reputation with local authority Epping Forest District Council through which we are able to achieve planning permission for your property. We make sure that we are up to date with the planning regulations passed by the local council before placing your planning application. For the approval of your planning applications, we provide you with the best consultancy and best possibilities for your project throughout our efficient, reliable and affordable services.

This development is prepared in accordance with London Plan planning policies. .…read more

For further information about Planning Policies please visit: ….. read more

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