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Architecture Services Barnet, Planning Permission Barnet

Aa studio is a group of professionals who provide quality services of Architectural design and planning consultancy in the area of Barnet. We are renowned for providing best in-house Architecture Designing, Planning Permission, and Building control services with the track record of more than 90 % percent of planning approval. We are a multi-disciplinary organization who has specialized in diverse practices such as Architecture Design, Urban Design, Planning Permission, Building Regulations, and Project Management. Our experts are is highly qualified and trained, so whenever you think of renovating or extending your home you can count on our expertise as we can make the best out of the space of your property, whether it is for House Extension, Rear Extension, Side Extension, Dormer Extension, Loft Conversion or Flats Conversion. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and stay well informed regarding Planning permission and building regulations to provide you with the most efficient and affordable services and take care of each planning steps for you.

Aa studio identifies the areas of planning services and understands how it can get so confusing and frustrating for our clients. So, we are here to provide you with the friendliest and helpful services with our experts who will assist and support you through the planning process. Our planning counselors provide you with the right advice, support, and documentation required in the planning process. Our experts will undertake your property in the Barnet area by first assessing the history, context, and surrounding of the premises. We give the site consultancy according to the planning policies and regulations passed by the local council to help you make most of your property and let you know what’s possible in all situations. We make sure our experts are up-to-date with the rules and regulations before placing your planning applications for approval.

Architecture Services Barnet

We are at your service to help obtain planning approval for your proposed development in the most efficient and simple way possible. With years of experience, we can provide you with successful planning applications and planning appeals to get you through the process. Our planning consultancy services include:

  • Planning Permission Drawings
  • Building Control/Regulation Drawings
  • House Extension
  • Rear Extension
  • Side Extension
  • Double Story Extension
  • Loft Conversion
  • Dormer Extension
  • House Conversion into Flats
  • Flats Conversion

This development is prepared in accordance with the London Plan planning policies. .…read more

For further information about Planning Policies please visit: ….. read more

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