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Architecture Services Barking, Planning Permission Barking

AA studio is renowned as a quality supplier of Architectural design and planning consultancy services in the area of Barking. We are a team of highly qualified and professional architects and consultants who provide in house Architecture Designing, Planning Permission and building control services. We as an Architecture and Planning services providers are a multi-disciplinary organization who has its experts specialized in diverse practices such as Architecture Design, Urban Design, Planning Permission, Building Regulations, and Project Management. So we recognize the importance of extending or renovating your home, so whenever you need an architect for your home, aa studio experts are here to help you. Our professionals are highly skilled and when you will take our expertise in your hands that’s when you will know that we are the best in our work and are willing to make the best space out of your property. Our architectural designers and consultants have extensive knowledge in planning permission and building regulations or whether it is for House Extension, Rear Extension, Side Extension, Dormer Extension, Loft Conversion or Flats Conversion.

Architecture Services Barking

With years of experience, we can provide you with successful planning applications. Our planning consultancy services include:

  • Planning Permission Drawings
  • Building Control/Regulation Drawings
  • House Extension
  • Rear Extension
  • Side Extension
  • Double Story Extension
  • Loft Conversion
  • Dormer Extension
  • House Conversion into Flats
  • Flats Conversion

We are here to provide you with the most friendly and helpful services which will support you throughout the planning process because we understand how frustrating and confusing the planning process can get. So we are here with our experts who can control each step of planning for you to help you make the process easy and sketch out feasible planning designs for you. If you have a property near Barking area then our panning consultants will undertake the assessment of your home by first examining its history, context and surrounding so we can learn and make best out of the space. We have a strong reputation with the local authorities and to maintain our record, we make sure that our planning consultants are up to date with the rules and regulations passed by the local authorities. We easily gain approval for our client’s planning application because our experts stay well-informed with permission rules and regulations while providing you with the most efficient and affordable planning services you need.

This development is prepared in accordance with the London Plan planning policies. .…read more

For further information about Planning Policies please visit: ….. read more

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