AA Studio


Sustainability Design

At aa studio, sustainable design is a result of a creative and collaborative process that involves all our disciplines. We’re not only reducing environmental impact, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, reintegrating ecological systems and limiting exposure to harmful substances, but we’re also helping to improve the environment through regenerative design through our words and actions.

Our clients want to find the best sustainable solutions for their projects around the world. We help them do just that. We are dedicated to the advancement of safe and sustainable services for our clients and within our own company. We are partnering with clients to identify vulnerabilities to natural and manmade stressors in buildings, cities, and their communities, and to create design responses to help achieve stability and adaptability. We are working to help restructure the social, economic, and physical capital necessary to create buildings, cities, and communities that are more diverse, more resilient, and more vital than in the past.

We are committed to supporting a diverse culture of sustainable design through applied research, internal education, public advocacy and outreach. We have developed tools to advance our design expertise and have made them publicly-available to expand our industry’s knowledge of sustainable design best practices. Through the research and development of innovative, we offer our clients a range of sustainable advisory services.


Code for Sustainable Home

As sustainable design is our approach we create sustainable high-performance design   and spaces for building tenants.

Lifetime Homes Standards

Lifetime Homes Standard is a series of sixteen design criteria intended to make homes more easily adaptable for lifetime use at minimal cost.