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A3 Planning Permission

A3 Planning Permission

Our team consists of expert building regulation and A3 planning permission consultants. We have a successful history of helping our commercial clients to gain the Planning Permission they require for change of usage planning consent with their local London council.

We are specially assisting our clients who are seeking information, procedures and knowledge for A3 permissions.

A3 Permission usage;

A3 use

A3 permission is used for following;

  • sale of food or drink for consumption on the premises
  • hot food for consumption off the premises.

Furthermore, a restaurant whose trade is primarily in-house dining but which has ancillary bar use will be in Class A3. Where the pub or bar activity is a minor component of the business and will not affect environmental amenity. Hence, it will treated as ancillary to the primary (restaurant) use of the premises. Such matters will be decided on the basis of fact and degree in each case.

For more information on A3 Planning permission and Change of use, please click here on planning portal.